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You Need to try Swab-its Gun Cleaning Products!
Here is why you need to give Swab-its® a try!

• Economical, washable and reusable

• Easier, faster and simpler than traditional patches and jags

• Replaces patches and jags in traditional firearms cleaning

• Replace cotton swabs

• Fiber free, does not shed or leave lint behind

• Perfect for cleaning and lubricating hard to reach places

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Lets make Gun Cleaning Easier!
Give Swab-its® Gun Cleaning Products a Try

"We Don't Use No Stinkin Patches"

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Where to buy your Swab-its gun clenaing supplies

Looking to purchase Bore-tips®? You can purchase online right at our store. We have single bags and dealer options.

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Gun Cleaning Products
Bore-tips® Product Line

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Swab-its® makes a wide-range of gun cleaning products. Check out all of our products today! With sizes from .22cal to shotgun sizes.

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Foam Swabs
Replace your cotton swabs today!

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Swab-its® makes foam swabs for cleaning all areas of your firearm. It is time to throw away those cotton swabs and use Swab-its®!

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